Nigel Farage resigns

When I heard this news my initial reaction was “again!” This time (the third time) Mr Farage says it is for good,  and I believe him.  He has realised his life long ambition so what other reason would he need to stay on as the leader of UKIP?  What reason is there for UKIP to exist now that the UK has decided to leave the EU?

So has he resigned or bailed out?  Is his resignation a positive thing or disappointing for his supporters?  For some, Farage was UKIP and UKIP is nothing without him.  Had Farage come to the point where his party was beginning to split like the Labour Party?  It was more than apparent that Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage did not get along and were quite public about their loathing for one another.  Could this have anything to do with his resignation?Nigel_Farage_of_UKIP

He still remains an MEP, and if his performance at the last meeting was anything to go by I think he should consider whether a resignation from this appointment would be more appropriate.  I don’t say this as a hater of Farage, I just feel that his comments were not very helpful and just served to wind the other MEPs up the wrong way.


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