Quick breakdown on Brexit since my last post.

32176717770_2cc8a1438f_bSo the last time I posted was in November 2016, how poor is that?

This is what has happened since my last post ‘Brexit high court ruling’

Nov 2016 – The Government appeal the high court ruling to have a vote in Parliament on Article 50.

Jan 2016 – The Government loses appeal in the Supreme Court; article 50 will be debated and voted on in Parliament.

Feb 2017 – The Commons votes on Article 50.  A total of 498 MPs back the government on triggering Article 50, while 114 vote against it and 38 abstain.

Mar 2017 – The Article 50 bill is defeated in the House of Lords.  The Lords wanted the rights of EU citizens living in the UK to be guaranteed.

Mar 2017 – Article 50 clears Parliament.

Mar 2017 – Article 50 (Notification of Withdrawal) is given Royal Accent.  Theresa May now has the legal authority to invoke Article 50.

13 Mar 2017 – Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland) announces she will hold a second  Scottish independence vote.

22 Mar 2017 – Parliament is attacked. Five people are killed, including police officer Keith Palmer.

29 Mar 2017 – Article 50 is triggered.

Apr 2017 – Tension is sparked over the EU’s decision to give Spain a veto over any decision about Gibraltar.

And that sums up what has happened so far

Thank you for reading.