Tony Blair says we should keep our Brexit options open

Tony  Blair has emerged this week asking the people of Britain to keep our options open.  His view being that even though we have voted for Brexit, we have not voted for what type of Brexit we want.msc_2014_blair_mueller_msc2014

Is Tony Blair calling for either a 2nd referendum once the outcome of negotiations are known.  It is quite obvious that he is choosing his words carefully, as not to offend the 52% who voted for Brexit.  However, he is still offering hope to the 48% of the UK population who voted to remain.  Is this a good idea?  Shouldn’t we just be getting on with negotiating the best deal rather than perpetuating the idea that if a bad deal is negotiated we will have no choice but to remain in the EU?


EU Protest ‘March for Europe,’ is there a point?

Today thousands of people gathered in Central London to protest against the referendum decision to leave the EU.  My first thoughts were “what’s the point?” The Conservatives, including David Cameron and all the Conservative prospective leaders have already expressed their willingness to implement the referendum outcome and start proceedings to leave the EU.  Seriously, what is the point of the March?

I listened to one of the march organisers attempt to explain the point of the protest, but in my opinion failed to truly constructively explain why the march was needed and what he hoped the outcome of the march would be, without contradicting himself and being hypocritical.  Here was someone engaging with a democratic activity  (as in, taking part in a march/protest) calling on the government not to act on the will of the people.  He explained that we do not live in a direct democracy and the government does not have to listen and should take a vote in Parliament to go against the referendum result for ‘the good of the nation’.

When pressed further on considering the 17 million votes to leave the EU, he did explain that yes, we should deal with their concerns, but still not leave the EU.

Had this been the other way round and the referendum outcome was to remain in the EU, but the government decided to leave and people protested to leave the EU, would he be counting on the argument that we live in a democracy and the government should listen to the people?

I throw this question out to you, is there a point to today’s march?  Should we be focusing on what brexit should look like to please everyone?  Or should those who wish to remain in the EU continue to campaign to remain in the EU?