Lloyds Bank blames Brexit for plans to cut 3000 jobs and close 200 branches


Lloyds bank has announced that there will be an additional 3000 job cuts alongside the current plans to axe 9000 jobs over the next three years.  The banking group sites the concern over negative interest rates as a result of Brexit for the need to make the extra cuts.

I am somewhat sceptical about whether this is the real reason for Lloyds announcing these job cuts.  My question is that if Lloyds needs to cut the jobs due to the likelihood of negative interest rates, shouldn’t all other banks be announcing similar job cuts and bank closures?  Shouldn’t Lloyds have had contingency plans in place to weather the storm in the case of negative interest rates, even if it does mean a cut in profits?  Negative interest rates could have been on the way without a Brexit some commentators have suggested.


Michel Barnier appointed Brexit negotiator for the EU


Michel Barnier is appointed Brussels’ chief negotiator for the UK’s exit talks with the EU.

There is concern that Michel Barnier is no friend of the UK and there is speculation that he blames the UK for losing his job as EU commissioner for internal markets and services.

Has Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Commission, deliberately employed Michel Barnier to ruffle Britain’s feathers?  Or does he believe that Michel Barnier will be the best person to negotiate a good deal for the EU?

Chris Bryant blames Brexit for Turkey coup

So I check my twitter trending feed and I see Chris Bryant’s name.  So I search and find the following:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 08.26.16

His comment was followed by accusations of drinking too much, which he denied.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 08.28.13

It now seems that anything that is going wrong in the world can be attributed to Brexit in some way.  I’m not sure how helpful Chris Bryant’s comments are in this very serious situation in Turkey and in his ability to assess a situation.  He has not really given an explanation for his view or clearly outlined why he believes brexit is partly responsible for the Turkey coup.

It seems time after time people in the public eye do not learn the lessons of posting on Twitter without thinking through their comments.  They should treat Twitter with the same cautiousness as making a statement in front of a live TV camera.  Or do you believe this helps us to see politicians in their true light?

Brexit means Brexit

The concern over Theresa May’s leadership is that she campaigned to remain, although fairly quietly.  In each speech I have heard her make since entering the race to become Conservative leader has included emphasis on Brexit meaning Brexit, that she will act on the leave outcome of the EU referendum.  However, I still hear people who are concerned that she will not trigger Article 50 and that Brexit will not happen because she does not feel truly believe in a Brexit.  Or did she?  There are those who believe Theresa May did not campaign enough because she was a reluctant remainer.  We will all find out over the course of the next few months.

60,000 new Labour Party members

Since the EU referendum 60,000 people have joined the Labour Party.  This takes the Labour Party to around 450,000 members, higher than the membership in the Blair years which stood at 405,000.  It is said that some people have joined to support Jeremy Corbyn in an anticipated leadership challenge.

Part of me thinks this is fantastic news because I think Jeremy Corbyn is what we need right now to have real opposition to the Conservative government.  However, the cautious side of me says that if the new members have indeed joined to support Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership is challenged and he then goes on to win the leadership challenge; will this not split the Labour Party?  Won’t this bring about more uncertainty for our nation?

Your thoughts please.

How the movie releases for 2016 sum up the past week

I am literally going to suggest some of the movies for 2016 and show their link to the past week and the EU referendum campaigns.

Captain America: Civil War = The civil war in the Labour Party

Batman VS Superman = Michael Gove vs Boris Johnson (you decide the way round)

Xmen Apocalypse = The doom and gloom projected during the referendum

Finding Dory = Trying to find George Osbourne after the EU referendum result

Suicide Squad = The Labour Party

The Purge: Election Year = If an election is held this year

Ice Age: Collision Course = The Labour Coup

Independence Day 2 = The Brexit result

Can you think of any other links to 2016 movie releases?  Leave your suggestions below.



EU Protest ‘March for Europe,’ is there a point?

Today thousands of people gathered in Central London to protest against the referendum decision to leave the EU.  My first thoughts were “what’s the point?” The Conservatives, including David Cameron and all the Conservative prospective leaders have already expressed their willingness to implement the referendum outcome and start proceedings to leave the EU.  Seriously, what is the point of the March?

I listened to one of the march organisers attempt to explain the point of the protest, but in my opinion failed to truly constructively explain why the march was needed and what he hoped the outcome of the march would be, without contradicting himself and being hypocritical.  Here was someone engaging with a democratic activity  (as in, taking part in a march/protest) calling on the government not to act on the will of the people.  He explained that we do not live in a direct democracy and the government does not have to listen and should take a vote in Parliament to go against the referendum result for ‘the good of the nation’.

When pressed further on considering the 17 million votes to leave the EU, he did explain that yes, we should deal with their concerns, but still not leave the EU.

Had this been the other way round and the referendum outcome was to remain in the EU, but the government decided to leave and people protested to leave the EU, would he be counting on the argument that we live in a democracy and the government should listen to the people?

I throw this question out to you, is there a point to today’s march?  Should we be focusing on what brexit should look like to please everyone?  Or should those who wish to remain in the EU continue to campaign to remain in the EU?