Quick breakdown on Brexit since my last post.

32176717770_2cc8a1438f_bSo the last time I posted was in November 2016, how poor is that?

This is what has happened since my last post ‘Brexit high court ruling’

Nov 2016 – The Government appeal the high court ruling to have a vote in Parliament on Article 50.

Jan 2016 – The Government loses appeal in the Supreme Court; article 50 will be debated and voted on in Parliament.

Feb 2017 – The Commons votes on Article 50.  A total of 498 MPs back the government on triggering Article 50, while 114 vote against it and 38 abstain.

Mar 2017 – The Article 50 bill is defeated in the House of Lords.  The Lords wanted the rights of EU citizens living in the UK to be guaranteed.

Mar 2017 – Article 50 clears Parliament.

Mar 2017 – Article 50 (Notification of Withdrawal) is given Royal Accent.  Theresa May now has the legal authority to invoke Article 50.

13 Mar 2017 – Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland) announces she will hold a second  Scottish independence vote.

22 Mar 2017 – Parliament is attacked. Five people are killed, including police officer Keith Palmer.

29 Mar 2017 – Article 50 is triggered.

Apr 2017 – Tension is sparked over the EU’s decision to give Spain a veto over any decision about Gibraltar.

And that sums up what has happened so far

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Brexit means Brexit

The concern over Theresa May’s leadership is that she campaigned to remain, although fairly quietly.  In each speech I have heard her make since entering the race to become Conservative leader has included emphasis on Brexit meaning Brexit, that she will act on the leave outcome of the EU referendum.  However, I still hear people who are concerned that she will not trigger Article 50 and that Brexit will not happen because she does not feel truly believe in a Brexit.  Or did she?  There are those who believe Theresa May did not campaign enough because she was a reluctant remainer.  We will all find out over the course of the next few months.

Theresa May will be our next Prime Minister


Well I am struggling to keep up with politics at the moment because the story keeps changing.  Just when I had geared myself up for a mud-slinging match between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, yesterday Andrea pulls out of the leadership contest.  And there we have it, Theresa May will be, or should I say is our new Prime Minister.

Theresa May will be the one to initiate Article 50, and begin negotiating our way out of the European Union.  Or will she?

Who runs the world? Girls, girls!


This is just a quick observation; we know we are going to a female Prime Minister soon.  Hilary Clinton could be the  first female American President and Angela Merkel plays a pivotal role in the European Union.  Could this be the beginning of a revolutionary era of politics with women at the helm?

There will be a female Prime Minister.

I turned on my car radio after work to the magnificent announcement that Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will be battling it out to be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister of this country.

This is how the votes panned out:

Theresa May: 199 votes

Andrea Leadsom: 84 votes

Michael Gov: 46 votes

The vote will now go to the Conservative party membership which is currently approximately 150000  members strong.

During the EU referendum Theresa May towed the party line and campaigned to remain in the EU, while Andrea Leadsom supported the leave campaign.  Should this be taken in to consideration when those members vote on who they want to lead the Conservative party and this great nation?  Does Theresa May have the willingness to negotiate a good brexit deal?  Or should the members hedge their bets on someone who they know genuinely believes in breaking the ties with the European union?

Theresa May is the current favourite amongst MPs, but what if Andrea Leadsom is the party members favourite and they vote for her over Theresa?  Could we see a repetition of the Labour Party situation?

Give me your feedback.