Brexit High Court Ruling – Parliament must vote on whether Article 50 should be invoked.


When this story broke I held my head in my hands and thought “Wow, what does this all mean now?”  I just want this whole thing over and done with and the UK to get on with it.

There are no winners in this scenario.

The 51.9% of people who voted to leave the EU will feel frustrated, some will possibly end up voting for UKIP in protest if there is an early election.  MPs who were remainers but whose constituents voted to leave will have hard decisions to make, although I have heard news commentators state that MPs must vote in the interest of what is best for their constituents, even if it goes against what they have actually voted for.

Remainers have grasped for a bit of hope that I’m not sure will end up benefitting the country in anyway.

There may be an increase in racial attacks as people resort to blaming foreigners for not having what they voted for.

If the UK remains in the EU, aren’t we just going to be a joke with no power or influence?  Who will listen to us when we are so divided.

The government is going to appeal the decision.  However all this means is more delays in invoking Article 50.  When I heard skeptics saying Article 50 will never be invoked, I thought they were being too skeptical, now I really fear this may be true.  More delays = more uncertainty = more economic uncertainty.

Would all of this have happened if the referendum result was to remain.  Gina Miller claims that it was about process not politics.  How is this true?  It is all about politics.  What was her intention if not to derail the triggering of Article 50.  She also said this was about all our futures, or does she mean it’s about the future of her investment business.

If Parliament vote to trigger Article 50, will this be the end of this?  I don’t think so.

One thing is certain though; there will be more head in my hands moments to come.  Oh dear.