There will be a female Prime Minister.

I turned on my car radio after work to the magnificent announcement that Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will be battling it out to be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister of this country.

This is how the votes panned out:

Theresa May: 199 votes

Andrea Leadsom: 84 votes

Michael Gov: 46 votes

The vote will now go to the Conservative party membership which is currently approximately 150000  members strong.

During the EU referendum Theresa May towed the party line and campaigned to remain in the EU, while Andrea Leadsom supported the leave campaign.  Should this be taken in to consideration when those members vote on who they want to lead the Conservative party and this great nation?  Does Theresa May have the willingness to negotiate a good brexit deal?  Or should the members hedge their bets on someone who they know genuinely believes in breaking the ties with the European union?

Theresa May is the current favourite amongst MPs, but what if Andrea Leadsom is the party members favourite and they vote for her over Theresa?  Could we see a repetition of the Labour Party situation?

Give me your feedback.


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